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Code of Conduct for the Library

To provide a welcoming and pleasant experience for all our visitors, the Dixon Homestead Library Board of Trustees requests that library users treat our library with courtesy and respect.
The Library is a public space that deserves the same care and protection as the people who use this space. With this in mind please remember:

  • The noise you are making could disturb those around you:
    • When you and/or your children speak in a loud voice
    • When you allow your cell phone to ring or answer it loudly
    • When your earphone/headsets broadcast what you alone should be listening to
  • The safety of others could be compromised:
    • When you run, or allow your children to run in the library
    • When your belongings spread into aisles or walkways or cover tables and chairs
  • The health of others could be compromised:
    • When you smoke too close to the doors of the building that the smoke drifts into the building (NJSA 26:3D-55, p.4. Title 8, Chapter 6, Subchapter 2)
    • Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes: P.L. 2009, c.182) is prohibited by law (NJSA 26:3D-55) in public buildings
  • The condition of the facility could be compromised
    • By bringing food and drink into our library:     Please know that the crumbs and/or spills that are left behind when you decide that you must eat or drink during your visit WILL attract insects, rodents and mold. They also wreak havoc with keyboards and the computer mouse. We ask that you not consume food or bring uncovered drinks into the building.
    • By misuse of the furniture (chairs are for sitting not for resting your feet)
  • To maintain an environment that is comfortable for all, the Board of Trustees prohibits solicitation and the conducting of private business within the building. Private business includes, but is not limited to: paid tutors, internet business, presentations to clients for paid services or any other private/commercial businesses.
  • Non-profit tutors (i.e.: ESL tutors, etc.) must register with and be authorized by the staff. 
  • Proper attire, especially the wearing of shoes, is required.
  • Pets are not allowed in the building.
  • Activity or conduct that is in violation of federal, state or local laws is strictly prohibited.

Those persons who cannot conduct themselves in a decent, proper and respectful manner will be asked to leave. In some circumstances, the authorities may be notified.



Policy Approved by the Board of Trustees 05/28/2014.
This policy may be modified at any time.







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