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Exhibit Policy

The Dixon Homestead Library is pleased to offer artists, collectors and organizations the opportunity to display their work to the community.

Hanging displays are accommodated in the large hallway outside of the three basement meeting spaces. This large, active space has four museum quality display boards. The display boards are comprised joined wood panels that are 4’ wide by 4’ high and 4’ wide by 5’ high. There are two walls with two panels on each wall and one wall with four panels. The third display area is a corner that has one panel on each wall joined in the corner. The panels are covered with carpeting that is antique blue in color.

The Library also has two octagonal display cases that are 62” tall and have a diameter of 28”. One is located in the Young Adult area, and one is by the Children’s room and parking lot entrance. These cases have glass doors that can be locked.

Exhibits will be available for viewing by the general public during regular Library hours.

No admission may be charged.

Exhibit periods are to be arranged with the Library’s Director.


The artist, collector or organization representative or anyone that acquires an interest in the work being exhibited is required to complete, sign and fulfill the requirements of the Exhibitions Terms and Agreement form, the Holds Harmless form and should a reception be requested, the Room Request form. All three forms may be found following this policy or may be obtained at the Circulation Desk of the Library.

The work exhibited in the Library shall either be owned by the artist, collector or organization or, the artist, collector, or organization shall be duly authorized to display and/or offer the item for sale.

No monetary transactions may take place on Library premises. Any items sold must be done privately between artist and patron.

The Library will provide limited publicity, but shall incur no liability for failure to do so, through press releases, the Library newsletter, and website.

The Library will not provide promotional materials or literature, descriptive signage or labels for the exhibit. 


Policy Adopted by the Board of Trustees on December 15, 2015

Amended on February 22, 2017
This policy may be modified at any time.

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