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Unattended Children in the Library Policy


The Dumont Public Library is concerned for the safety and well-being of children and other persons left unattended in the library. An unattended child is any child under the age of nine who is in the library unaccompanied by a parent or responsible caregiver who is at least thirteen years old.  Staff cannot protect, monitor or transport minor children or any adults needing care or supervision.

We urge parents to remember that the library is a public building and it is not in the best interest of any person needing care to be left unattended. The library has implemented the following policy for the safety of all persons visiting the library.

  1. Children under the age of six years must be accompanied by an adult or responsible caregiver who is at least fourteen years old at all times while in the library.
  2. Children six to eight years of age must have an adult or responsible caregiver who is at least fourteen years old present in the library
  3. Children aged nine through thirteen may be left in the library without an adult for reasonable periods of time, but parents are responsible for their behavior and will be contacted if necessary. (Reasonable periods of time may vary with a child’s maturity, but generally one to two hours is acceptable.)
  4. Children fourteen and over may be in the library without an adult. However, should disciplinary problems arise; the library may ask the child to leave. In that event, the library assumes no further responsibility for the child.
  5. Adults who require supervision or assistance from a caregiver must have the caregiver present while they are in the library and are not to be left alone.

If problems arise with unattended persons using the library, staff will attempt to contact the parents or a relative. If the library staff is unable to reach a contact person, the Dumont Police will be called.

Parents are required to be at the library no later than fifteen minutes before closing to pick up their children.  The Dumont Police will be called for any persons who remain in the Library or on Library property at closing time.


Under no circumstances will the library assume custodial responsibility for any child or person. 

The Dumont Police will be called  for this need. Parents, not library staff, are responsible for the behavior of children using the library and may be held liable for any damage caused by their children.

The Library’s purpose is not to serve as a day care center for children or adults.

Policy revision: June 28, 2017

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